A Sampling of Storytelling and Puppetry Workshop Topics for Adults

Workshops:  90 minutes – 3 hours               Residency Workshops 1–3 days

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Librarians and Educators:  Early Childhood, Elementary – High School                        

(3 hours – 3 days)

·        Building Community (using storytelling and puppetry activities for bonding, peacemaking, and diversity awareness)

·        Character Education and Storytelling (introduces the art of storytelling and its role in sharing value-laden messages, provides sources for stories, and discusses storytelling styles)

·        Dynamite Children’s Programs (developing programs for preschool – elementary school with stories, puppets, creative dramatics, and other age-appropriate activities)

·        Get Ready!  Get Set!  It’s Preschool Storytime (how to find appropriate stories and tools to create thematic programs that
will entertain and educate young children)

·        Join Right In!  (participation stories, creative dramatics, and activities with music, sounds, movements, and more make children
active partners in storytime programs) 

·        Just Tell It! (how to tell stories without using a book as a prop, with ways to learn stories, where to find them, and developing a storytelling style).

·        Kids Tell:  (teaching children to tell stories builds confidence, taps into diverse learning styles, and improves their listening and speaking skills)

·        Mascot Puppets (integrating puppets into daily activities in classroom, library, and home)

·        Not Just for Little Kids (discusses program content, presentation techniques, and trouble-shooting for Pre-Teen and Young Adult storytelling programs).

·        Puppet Learning Fun! (integrating puppets into specific areas of the curriculum:  science, math, social studies, language arts, and more).

·        Puppet Talk (using puppets for conflict resolution and oral presentations:  book reports, wax museums, biographical or historical research, and more)

·        Sharing the Limelight (using puppets with preschool through middle-school in library and classroom).

·        Storytimes for Two-Year-Olds (parent-toddler storytime programs)

·        Test This!  (use storytelling to orally reinforce reading and writing standards in the classroom)

·        Yes, You Can!  Storytelling in the Classroom and Library (storytelling techniques and resources for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms)

·        Make & Take (hands-on workshop to create puppets, props, and tools demonstrated earlier).

·        Demonstration (program added to workshop to demonstrate workshop content)


Parents, Elders, and More (3-6 hours)

·        Family Stories:  Building Bridges Across Generations (family stories are important; discover how to find and share them)

·        My Story, Your Story (how to develop an oral history project where children gather and share stories from other generations)


Key Note Addresses (60-90 minutes)

·        It’s Personal:  You Can Find Resolve, Confidence, and Stories to Share

·        Let the Magic Begin:  Puppets for Children of All Ages – The How and Why

·        Make It Your Own:  Researching, Rewriting, and Giving Your Original Voice to Stories

·        Storytelling, Puppetry, and Emergent Literacy



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Residency options are determined by the amount of time spent with students.

Workshops may be combined or developed specifically to meet local needs or topics.