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Teaching Tools


        Retell a story to someone who didnít hear it,

        Retell a story from a different characterís point of view, 

        Expand the story beyond its known beginning or ending,

        Tell a story about your first day of school, first love, favorite pet, or how you got a scar on your body,

        Retell a story about a historical character or event from the point of view of an unknown person or an animal,

        Explore stories with similar motifs from various cultures,

        Hold a mock trial for folktale characters in conflict with one another,

        Explore foods, recipes, arts and crafts described in stories youíve heard,

        Form an intergenerational storytelling group and learn stories from people older and younger than you are,

        Find out about storytelling festivals, events, or opportunities in your local and regional area, starting with your local library,

        Volunteer to help with a Tellabration event in your community (see www.storynet.org)

        Form a storytelling club to join others in learning more and sharing stories, and

        Join the National Storytelling Network (see www.storynet.org).




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