A Sampling of Storytelling and Puppetry Workshop Topics for Young People



Workshops:  90 minutes – 3 hours               Residency Workshops 1–3 days


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Elementary - High School Workshops  

·        Do Tell:  Storytelling Workshop, Ages 8-12.  From
hearing a story for the first time to retelling it with their own voices, participants experience:  the structure of stories, adding sensory details, and the joy of "climbing inside" stories. 
Residency option: individual storytelling performances. 


·        Join Right In!  Storytelling Workshop, Ages 8 & Up.  Introduction to participation stories, creative dramatics, and using music, sounds, movements, masks, and more turn
children into active storytelling partners. 
Residency option:  shared performance with Judy Nichols. 


·        Little Voices:  Storytelling Workshop, Ages 5-7.  From hearing a story for the first time to performing it in small groups, this workshop is filled with fun and teamwork.
Residency option:  shared performance with Judy Nichols.


·        Prop Me Up:  Storytelling Workshop, Ages 7-10.  Introduction to telling stories using props: books, objects, musical instruments, puppets, flannelboards, and more. 
Residency option:  shared performance with Judy Nichols.


·        Puppets 101:  Puppetry Workshop, Ages 5 & Up.  Puppetry basics:  different kinds of puppets, how to move them realistically, giving them voices and personalities, puppetry etiquette, and teamwork for puppet performance.


·        Puppets 102:  Puppetry Workshop, Ages 8 & Up. Intermediate puppetry:  Creating a puppet play from a folktale, developing costumes, props, and scenery, and performance skills.  Students will present a puppet show in small groups.  Prerequisite:  Puppets 101.  Residency option:  performance of their puppet shows.


·        Talking Trash:  Puppetry Workshop, Ages 5 & Up.  Introduction to the art of puppetry and puppets made from throw-away and recyclable items.  Students will construct puppets using “trash” materials.   A list of recyclables and paper items is provided in advance.  Residency option:  students use their puppets to create puppet shows.


·        Me and My Shadow:  Puppetry Workshop, Ages 8-Up.  An introduction to shadow puppets using an overhead projector and exploring the quality of shadows cast by different materials.  Students will create and perform a story with shadow puppets.  Residency option:  students perform their puppet shows. 


·        Puppet Talk:  Puppetry Workshop, Ages 7 & up.  Explores using puppets in conflict resolution and oral presentations:  book reports, tableaus, biographical or historical research, and more.  Students can either create puppets (see Make & Take) or use existing classroom puppets.


·        Make & Take (hands-on workshop added to create puppets, props, and scenery)


·        Demonstration (performance added to any workshop)


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Residency options are determined by the amount of time spent with students.

Workshops may be combined or developed specifically to meet local needs or topics.