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      Tales From The Heart   $15


"These are my favorite stories, a little something for everyone. Folktales, humor, drama, and an original tall tale."

             Pamala Amanda / Pecos Bills Western Rainbow / Lion & The Mouse / Joseph's Overcoat               Looking For Me / Elephant on The Bus / Lentil Soup / Summer of Jim



Pamela Amanda (written by Judy Nichols) Most people (and all children) can relate to this revision of a traditional tale in which a girl is having one of those days when nothing goes right for her.

Pecos Bill’s Western Rainbow (written by Judy Nichols) Dedicated to my husband, Jim.  An original tall tale to explain where the beautiful wild flowers that carpet central Texas (and the Great Plains) originated.

Lion & the Mouse (Aesop) A fable in which the smallest creature proves his allegiance and valor to a proud lion.

Joseph’s Overcoat (Traditional) "A tailor holds on to his favorite overcoat in inventive ways. Thank you to the late Nancy Renfro for introducing me to this story."

Looking for Me! (Anonymous) "A phone call has unexpected results in this quick tale. Clown Ken Terry learned it from a kindergartener and shared it with me."

Elephant on the Bus (Barbara Harkins Fischer) A hungry elephant takes a bus back to the zoo so she won’t miss lunch.  One of the first stories Barbara ever told me, and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since.

Lentil Soup (Joe Lasker) A new bride tries to make soup just like her mother-in-law, with unexpected results.  Since my husband’s mother lived with us for 17 years, I am always looking for gentle mother-in-law stories. 

Summer of Jim (Charlotte Stevens) A young girl comes encounters racial prejudice in Coffeyville, KS in 1933.  A true story brought to my attention by Susie Miner at the Wichita Historical Museum.  I thank Charlotte’s sons, John and Charles, for giving me permission to tell their mother’s remarkable tale.


                                                   Once Upon a Time   $15


   Folktales have been passed from one generation to the next over thousands of years. As people migrated across the globe, they took their stories with them and shared them with their new neighbors. As a child, I read lots of folk and fairytales, and they found a place in my heart. The truths in these stories are still relevant in our high-tech world, and they continue to shape who I am as a person and a storyteller.

              The Three Bears / The Boy Who Cried Wolf / Too Much Noise / The Three Goats                Gingerbread Man / Bremen Town Musicians



The Three Bears Three bears discover they have a visitor, a little girl named Goldilocks.  

The Boy Who Cried Wolf   When a young boy is allowed to watch the sheep, he gets bored with disastrous results.

Too Much Noise  A man thinks his house is too noisy until his neighbor proves otherwise.  You can help make animals sounds, too. 

The Three Goats  Three goats find a troll under a bridge they need to cross to a grassy hillside.  I actually met these goats at the home of  Dorothy Sutton in Huntsville, Alabama, but she did not have a troll.

Gingerbread Man A sassy gingerbread man runs away from those who want to eat him, until he meets his match.

Bremen Town Musicians A worn-out dog, has-been cat, and bedraggled rooster join an old donkey who is running away to become a musician.  Join in the “song!”




 Storytimes  for Two-Year Olds3rd Edition




“Research into the developing brains of babies and toddlers revealed that children learn much earlier than before thought, and that early learning actually enhances the complexity of their brains…They absorb knowledge, much like sponges soaking up water.”
Judy Nichols, from the Preface





       Storytimes for two year olds 260 pages


Toddlers – among the librarian’s toughest crowd – can be a wriggling, noisy, and demanding audience. Their fierce loyalty also means they can become the library’s biggest champions.

More than any other audience, two-year-olds require structures and routines for events to succeed. Storytimes for Two-Year-Olds outlines techniques and programs proven to engage young audiences – ultimately making them lifelong readers. This classic bestseller, first published in 1987 and expanded in 1998, returns in a refreshed third edition.

As they address toddlers’ uniquely challenging needs using this updated volume, a new generation of children’s and school librarians can:

*Easily access materials available in most children’s libraries -- including recommended classics and new books
*Give young customers what they want -- with 50 vibrant, toddler-friendly ready-made programs -- including colors, seasons, animals, and more
*Create winning events based on time-tested formulas and using hands-on samples
*Keep audiences enthralled with storytime’s rhymes, songs, fingerplays, and easy-to-do crafts

Packed with information, ideas, and motivation, the book offers tips for librarians and educators on using materials, along with advice for parents and caregivers. Any library serving young families will win a loyal following using the exciting storytime models in this new edition.

Price: $40.00
ALA Member Price: $36.00
260 pages
8.5" X 11"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-0925-6
ISBN-10: 0-8389-0925-6
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